The art of hanging pictures.

We are finally coming to that point in our house renovation when I can start to hang pictures and photos on the walls. Now, I love orderliness. I like things lined up. I like all the frames to be the same size and the colours of the photos to be similar, and best of all arranged on a grid (I can’t tell you how it makes me feel calm and in control). But, (this is a bit BUT) I have been looking on Pinterest and admiring picture arrangements where all the frames are different and the pictures are different sizes and the pictures them selves are of mixed media. They look fresh and spontaneous. So I took a deep breath, and decided to step outside my comfort zone, and try my hand at this style of picture hanging.

We finally cleared out our storage container (shockingly we have had it for FIVE YEARS!!! – I know!!!) and there were things in there that I couldn’t remember having. Anyway, it was nice to get all our pictures back in the house. So for this little project I picked the loose theme of boats/water/seaside and found all the pictures and paintings that we owned that fitted into this category. I played around with the layout of them on the floor.


It took me some time I can tell you, as I kept trying to put them in a grid. (doh) But eventually I was happy with the way they looked. Next I cut paper to the size of each frame so that I could put it on the wall.


I had to fight the urge to line up the bottoms of the pictures, but I did try to keep the spaces as even as I could. So the balance seemed to work. Time to start putting nails in the pristine plaster. It was relatively easy to get the nail in the right place. Simply fold the paper in half (side to side) and measure where the string is and bang the nail in.


Just keep going till you are done!


The painting in the middle in the dark frame was actually painted by my dad in 1963!

finishedhanging2 paintingshung1

After that (slightly stressful) picture hanging exercise, I decided to revert to my comfort zone. We have the perfect wall at the bottom of the staircase just waiting to be filled.


As you can see I’ve already marked out with washi tape the area I would like to hang in. Of course it is an exact square. I used the same technique as I did before with the paper, it seems to be the easiest way. Here is the result.


stairpictures2 stairsphotos3

Lovely and ordered! Of course there are no hard and fast rules about how to hang pictures and like the pictures themselves it is all an expression of your own taste. Hope you have a good weekend.

Emma x

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