Spring, springing!

It didn’t rain yesterday, yay, and so I went in the garden to do a bit of tidying up. I haven’t been out there for one reason or another for months. The rain has made everything very soggy and muddy, and it’s cold and I seem to be able to find other things to do rather than get out there.

But I’m so glad I did! The sun almost shone and with five layers on it was fairly warm… But oh how wonderful to see that baby shoots are poking their heads up above the dead leaves. The shoots are the freshest green and look so clean and pure it brings joy to my heart. (sorry getting quite over the top there) It’s just that they look so lovely and I want the nice weather to come back and I’m just so fed up of the rain.

Enough chat – here they are.


This plant was given to me by my lovely friend Lucy. She is the font of all knowledge on plants and gardening. It has been doing very well in the shady corner of a North facing border in quite heavy clay. The perfect architectural plant, with big glossy leaves.


This clematis is again on the north side of a fence – and as with all clematis likes to have it’s feet in the shade and it’s head in the sun. I had about a dozen very showy flowers on it last year, and it seems to be very happy, so maybe it will give me more this summer. They are almost pure white and about 5 inches in diameter with very pretty reddish centres. The best thing about it though is the deer don’t eat it! YAY.


These sedum are again from my lovely friend Lucy (yes she has single handedly stocked much of my garden) I did have them out in the front, but the pesky deer just munched them to the ground and especially the flowers (grrr) but I moved them to the back garden which is protected by a very high fence and so far the deer haven’t been in there. Not that I am obsessed about the deer (small twitch in left eye) but I can’t afford to feed them plants from the nursery, they could at least eat the weeds – that would be more useful. But I digress, these sedum are great doers. They look great when just in leaves, the flowers last for ever and the butterflies and bees love them.


These large Ox eye daisies are coming on well too. Once I cut down last year’s stalks they looked much prettier.

And finally the rhubarb. I would love to get a couple of those terracotta forcing pots for the rhubarb.


I hope you got out and about this weekend and dodged the rain.

Emma x



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2 Responses to Spring, springing!

  1. Busymaker says:

    look at them!!
    You are soo lucky to have a garden to play with =)

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