Seeds, beams and raspberries, Oh my!

Well It has been a few weeks since I last gave y’all an update, we have been busy over the Easter holidays, visiting family and friends and just generally doing stuff. The handy husband and I have been busy paving the pottager with the reclaimed house bricks and it’s looking really great. I have dug over the raised beds and transplanted my rhubarb, red currants, gooseberries and of course my raspberries.


Also the girlie and I have been sowing seeds in some newspaper pots. There is a great tutorial on how to make the origami pots on this YouTube tutorial. We have sown red peppers, chilli peppers, tomatoes and some pumpkins. It has been fun to talk about how small the seeds are and what they are going to turn into. We shall see if they grow well in the new potting shed.


I have also potted up some dahlias and peonies and lilies, some for the cutting garden I am hoping to create and some for pots on the new patio. I got these from Sarah Raven’s website. The bulbs and tubers were very nicely packaged and so far they are doing nicely. The seeds we sowed also came from her site as she had some alternative unusual seeds that I though would be fun to try.


The house is coming on great guns too. The chippies are on site and they are putting in the beams and joists for the first floor.


It occurred to me that all these photos of the house, probably don’t make much sense. So I thought I would show you a plan.


The blue area shows where we will have the kitchen, dining room and the sitting room. The photo below is taken through the window at the bottom of the blue area, across the room towards the french doors at the back.



The blue are above shows the entrance hall with the new relocated staircase on the left. The photo below is taken standing in the new front door looking across to the snug room.


I am sure it is all SO much clearer!

Well I hope you all had a great Easter and enjoyed the lovely sunshine as much as we did.

Emma x


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