Progress report

We came back from our break in Valencia to see some major progress on our renovation project. Not sure if it is because we hadn’t seen it for a week, or the builders have been extra busy… but I thought I would share with you the new additions.

The roof tiles are going on. We are reusing the old tiles on the back of the house and new ones on the front to try and keep check on the costs.

roofjune2 roofjune1

We decided on how the front porch was going to look, and it now reflects the way the dormers are made and it fits just right. You can just see the construction of it coming off the roof.


Inside the house, the stud walls are all up upstairs, and it gives a good feel for the sizes of the rooms. We are really please how this has turned out. Below is the master bedroom.

masterbed2 masterbed1

Here are the other two bedrooms on the other side of the landing.


And this is the view down the stairwell to the front door. I am particularly pleased how spacious this feels. With the Velux window over the stairwell, it will be really light.


… and this is the view from the front door up the stairs. (by the way these aren’t the final stairs, just temporary ones)


Downstairs, the stud walls for the cloakroom and downstairs ensuite are now in. (sorry for the very boring photos!)


…and windows are going in too! Here is the main living room/kitchen area.

sittingroom1 kitchenjune

And finally I thought I would show you how much the veg garden has grown since we were away. Thanks to my dad for watering and looking after my babies!


Have a good weekend y’all.

Emma x

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