O frabjous day, Callooh callay!

O frabjous day indeed! Lewis Carroll had such a way with words. It has been the most beautiful Spring day today. The sun has shone and there isn’t a single cloud in the sky. The birds are all a twitter and I can hear woodpeckers hammering at the trees making nests and picking out grubs. It just fills me with happiness on days like this. It also makes me want to be outside from dawn to dusk.frabjous1.

The Handy husband jet washed the deck yesterday and it is looking mighty fine, all clean and just a beautiful silvery grey. Our adirondak chairs came out of hiding and are back in their view watching position on the deck, all that was needed was some cheery spring flowers in some pots. So off my girlie and I went to the farm shop to get some spring loveliness.
I found a lovely hellebore which is the prettiest shade of raspberry pink. The flowers are held up quite upright so you can see their faces and I caught a photo of it with the sun shining through – perfection! I coupled the hellebore with some peachy/pink primulas around its bottom in a simple glazed blue-ish pot and it looks just fine.

Closer to the adirondak chairs I made up a yellow and white combo of primulas and tet-a-tets they are, to me, classic spring flowers, so innocent. I have always been fascinated with daffodils, even as a child, and can remember making them out of egg boxes in infant school like these.


The rhubarb is also sprouting very nicely – looking forward to having the first rhubarb pie from the garden.


I’m sure y’all were out and about in the sunshine today, I hear this high pressure is going to sit over us for the next week keeping the lovely sun and the daytime temps up. We certainly need it! Let me know how you got on in your garden, what’s springing up, what have you lost to the rain and wet.


Emma  x

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2 Responses to O frabjous day, Callooh callay!

  1. Gliding granny says:

    Look forward to enjoying a glass of something delicious, cool and bubbly in your new potting shed- it looks devine!

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