My potting shed update

Well my Handy Husband has been working hard for me again. He is such a wonderful man – he is building me my own potting-shed!!! What more can a girl ask for?

So we started with the foundations, just digging a shallow trench and filling it with pea-shingle, then placing some large treated timbers on to this gravel. Hopefully this will stop rain water from rotting the wood – in theory. Although one of our builders – did mention that it would probably rot in about 10 years…. so I guess this is a mid term building then!


Next, the handy husband started with the door. All the measurements for the potting shed have come off the door height, and of course the width of the reclaimed windows.


Then came the front wall and of course the side and back walls. We have had A LOT of discussion about how the roof is going to work. We have been back and fourth between B&Q and Wickes looking at roofing supplies. So, I found this photo (below) on pinterest which shows how I think it will hopefully look. We did talk about using some of the slates from the roof of our house to create an area of shade at the back wall of the shed, but there was too much ‘stress’ about how to do this and the join between the ‘glass’ area and the slate area, so I made an executive decision, and we have gone for an all clear roof. Perfect. Cheapest option, and lets face it, girls, cost is always a consideration, so we have gone for the corrugated plastic. I think it is just the right solution for this potting-shed, it’s not too hi-tech, and it’s not too white-plastic. I hope you know what I mean by that. I don’t really like plastic as a rule, especially the white stuff.


I can’t wait to show you guys the finished product… but you will just have to wait!

It’s going to be ‘SO awesome’ in the words of that very cool dude, Will-i-am!

Have a good weekend.

Emma x



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