Copper handles everywhere!

When I was originally planning the design and look of our new kitchen I naturally went onto my favourite place, Pinterest, and honed my ideas there. So as you also know if you follow my blog (sporadically I am sure, as I’m not the most consistent blogger!) but I have been a fan of the copper trend for quite a while. So naturally I was going to get copper into my kitchen somehow. Below are a few inspirational pins from my Pinterest boards.


I loved these handles against the dark grey units, from this blog.

And these cup handles from this blog.


And then I saw this kitchen which was just perfect…from


Buuuuttttt. (and that’s a big but!) the price of brass handles is shocking! and I needed 45! YES 45!!! Now if each handle costs £12 and upwards… that was going to be way too much for the Handy Husband to indulge me in.

So, in order to get what I wanted, I needed to find an alternative. You can pick up cheap bar handles from Howdens for a couple of quid… which I did, and then I looked into getting them coppered.

So after researching, I found that you can electroplate copper onto pretty much anything metal. Woo hoo!. So the amazing guys from Hampshire Electroplating Co put the copper onto my cheap as chips handles – oh boy did they look the bees knees (the handles…!!). Then of course I had to get these beauties lacquered. So I took them to another local company, Trestan, who do powder coating on all things metal. Again they are stars and did a wonderful job on my handles. I am sure the lads at both these companies rue the day I walked into their businesses, but I want to say thank you so much to them all for being patient and for doing such an amazing job.

But before the big reveal I just wanted to show you what we have been living with. (SO last Christmas!)


So here are my babies now. Please don’t dribble all over the screen, cos I know you are jealous.


I also have cup pulls and knobs on the dresser part of the kitchen, just to make the unit seem more like a piece of furniture.


And these little brackets I got on Ebay, I had the guys copper them too. They support the little shelf above the sink, and more importantly, my radio.


Well, we got there in the end, as you all know with me, it’s all in the detail.

Have a good weekend

Emma x

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9 Responses to Copper handles everywhere!

  1. Caro says:

    They look really great Emma, if handles are on kitchen units, I’m guessing you are all finished!

  2. Caro says:

    If you have the gorgeous handles on now, I’m guessing you’re all finished!

  3. Ruth Emm says:

    Hi. These looks great. I am thinking about experimenting with spray painting handles. Did you try that at all? How much did the copper and coating end up costing you? Ruth

    • Emma says:

      Hi Ruth Emm

      I didn’t go down the copper spray route as handles in a kitchen are in a high wear area and I wasn’t sure that spraying would be a good option.
      The copper coating wasn’t all that expensive, but you would have to get a quote from someone in your area. Hope this helps
      Emma x

  4. Puk says:

    Hi Emma
    You have done exactly what I am trying to do. Any idea how much each handle came to cost with the treatments? I am looking at £11 per handle and need 50, so all too expensive.

  5. Puk says:

    PS – why did they need to be powder coated after the electroplating?
    Thanks in advance

    • Emma says:

      Hi Puk
      The handles were from Howdens and were only about £1.50 each handle (if that) we needed about 40 handles. Then the copper coating and power coating after came to I think (gosh it was a long time ago!) about £150. If you don’t seal in the copper it tarnishes quite quickly, and any finger marks on the copper before powder coating will tarnish too. I’m not a great fan of polishing handles.

  6. Janine says:

    Massive thank you! I was also on the hunt for impossible to source copper / rose gold handles and stumbled across your website. Lucky for me as I am from Southampton where both companies are based. Can not rate them higher enough. The guys were SO helpful, so polite and my handles are STUNNING!! I squealed when I collected them!!

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