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Ideas for a veg garden & upcycling windows


So while the house continues to get smaller (it has no roof now and the chimneys are all gone) we have been thinking again about the garden. I want to create a vegetable garden in the back corner to grow some vegetables (obvs) and also to have a cutting garden of flowers for the house.


So this is the space we have allocated and it seems to be the sunniest part of the garden which is essential for a vegetable patch. We did have a small veg patch in our last garden, but it was too shaded under some very large oak trees and my veg didn’t really do very well. Live and learn….

I also want to have a greenhouse/potting shed/summer house type of building back there too, and have of course come up with the design. The Handy Husband was up for the challenge, so we took ourselves off to Romsey Reclamation on Friday (that’s the advantages of working for yourself) and found some great windows and a glazed door. Of course they will need some painting and just a bit of glass, but they are exactly what I was looking for.



We are recycling the old timbers from the house roof to make the frame of the new greenhouse/potting shed. (Of course when I say we – that really means the Handy Husband is doing it – hee hee). Hopefully it will feel a bit like one of these dreamy spaces …

greenhouseidea2 greenhouseidea1

So hopefully it will look a little bit cobbled together and a little bit recycled, and just perfect. On the floor of the potting shed we’ll be using bricks that came from the three chimneys that we no longer need in the house. Outside the potting shed we are going to have raised beds, with gravel paths between them, perhaps a bit like this.


I do quite like the trellis surrounding this very pretty vegetable garden, perhaps we could use this between the end of the garden and the space closer to the house. It would create a very light screen, so as not to block out the back, but hint of what is there to invite you back to find out more.

Well lets hope the sun comes back soon, as it is just a bit too soggy back there at the moment for us to make a start on the potting shed.

Hope you guys have a good weekend.

Emma x

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Going, Going …. Gone!


So the scaffolding company has been very busy these past few weeks, and the house has slowly been disappearing beneath a framework of steel poles. We made the decision to go to the expense of completely tenting the house, so our builders can continue to work no matter what the weather.



Our builders requested that the roof on the scaffolding be a tin one as it keeps the heat down when the sun comes out. If it is just a tarp roof it tends to get unbearably hot – somewhat like a greenhouse!


It does look snug!

Have a good weekend y’all.

Emma x


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Mood Board: Living Room


So… while the builders are busy destroying renovating our our house, and the scaffolding is going up, I have been busy putting together some mood boards for each of the new rooms. Above is the first floor being stripped out.

I am going to start with the living room at the front of the house. Actually the kitchen, dining and living room are all one big space, but I am zoning the areas so they have their own feel but will be connected by common colours/textures to make the space have some coherence.

I am going to reuse the curtains from our last living room as I love the muted colours and there is enough fabric there (I hope) to restyle into other curtains. There is a big round bay window in this area and I think will end up using shutter blinds on these as the bay looks out on the neighbours driveway. We also plan to put a window seat in this round bay with a occasional table that my dad made and kindly gave to us.


Hopefully this gives you a rough idea of how the room is going to feel. We already have the table, lamp, pouffes, curtains and the sofas. Although at the moment the sofas are dark brown and purple….! So I am going to get them recovered in a neutral light linen look fabric. I have been looking at some very clever IKEA billy hacks as a way of building in some bookshelves. Have a look at the very clever Beth’s blog about how she did it. I am sure the Handy Husband could cope with making me some of these. We are having a new wood burning stove put in and are going for Chesney’s Salisbury 12.


Very excited about that as we have the biggest pile of wood ready to put in it.

Well hope you have a good weekend.

Emma x

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Renovation progress

Progress on the house has been amazing this week and it’s only thursday! I though I would share these photos with you (and my excitement).

So on Monday the house looked like this…


And on Tuesday it looked like this. The roof came off the old kitchen and the guys started to knock down more walls. The very skilled digger driver, Henry, made an excellent job of removing the old hard floor in order for damp proof, insulation and a new timber floor to be put down.



You can see in the photo above just how much was removed. Hopefully this will sort out the damp problems in these rooms and in the adjacent rooms, one of which is going to be the new entrance hall.

Today – Thursday they put a layer of concrete down as a base for the new walls and sleeper walls for the timber floor.



The hole in the wall, through which the concrete is being poured, will eventually be the back door into the new utility room. So… the foundations for the new walls are in, the building inspector is a happy man so far and all is going well. Progress.

This week I also ordered the units for our new kitchen and utility room, but I will show you my plans and ideas for that in another post soon. Oh and also the flooring for the utility room. I know! SO exciting!

Emma x

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Finally I have something to say!


So the Handy Husband has been busy with his hammer! He built a man cave shed, with help from me. I actually thought it was slave labour the amount of heavy lifting he had me do. Plus he then recruited my girlie to paint the shed. But it is all done and it it a very nice shed, indeed.


Above you can see the VERY LARGE PILE of logs that came from the nine plus trees we had chopped down in our garden, and the back corner before it was cleared and the new fence put in. (That’s Handy Husband having a great time on his digger!) We are going to get a new wood burner for the sitting room and so all those logs need to be chopped and stored in a dry place to season perfectly for the new wood burner. So we need a woodshed – of course! Several pallets later and with a bit of design input from me, the Handy Husband just knocked one up. (it always amazes me how he just knows how to do these things!) The girlie was again recruited to paint the outside.



We even chopped a small amount of the mountain of logs and put them in the new woodshed. So satisfying!

The other big news is that our builders have moved in and are starting to get stuck in to the job. That is VERY exciting. The garden looks like a scaffolding yard, and the house is getting smaller….

Before… (there’s that digger man again!)




They have even started on the inside too.


That’s going to be our new utility room, and part of the downstairs spare room. The kitchen window is going to move left and be in the utility room. Can you see?

Anyway I will keep y’all updated on our progress.

Emma x

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