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Six of the best: Mother’s Day

Mom’s are the best – aren’t they? They take care of us in so many ways… lovely cakes, clean clothes, great hugs, reminders to brush teeth, pick up clothes off the floor… enough about me!

I’m sure your mom is the best mom in the world too!I know mine is. She is always there for me, she IS the best cook in the world. My mama is always trying new things, recently she has taken up water colour painting, and as with all her adventures she is very talented. But talent isn’t enough on it’s own, my mama works hard at her interests, she strives to do her best. She is a very accomplished glider pilot and instructor, she became the chairman of her local flower club, she is a formidable Bridge player, she can whip up an outfit in an afternoon and her paintings are all worthy of framing. But most of all my mama has always encouraged me to believe that I can be and do anything I put my mind to. The journey is as important as the end result. Learning new things is the fun part.

But enough about my mama… I thought I would pick 6 things that you could make or do for your mom for Mother’s day.



  1. Chevron pattern is a trend that just keeps on going, why not have a go at making your mom a fabulous tote? hand painted chevron tote bag
  2. Martha Stewart has some great ideas for easy pamper gifts, these were from her Christmas crafts, but who says bath bombs are just for Christmas? home made bath bombs
  3. So fresh, so wonderful… lemon sugar scrub
  4. The best way to eat fruit! Smother it in chocolate! chocolate covered strawberries
  5. What a great idea to use up all those little bits and pieces lying around in your bedroom. mini matchbox pictures
  6. Of course all mom’s like fresh flowers in a vase flowers

Happy mothers day to all those wonderful moms out there.

Emma x

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Pretty pom pom

I just love making things from rubbish, up-cycling I think it’s called if you are hip and trendy, but I just like to think of it as cheap materials for craft projects. So with this in mind I thought I would make a pretty decoration for a present. A pom pom.

bag pom pom

And here it is. So cute and it only took me about 5 minutes to make and cost next to nothing. Even better there isn’t another one in the world!

Here’s how I made it.


First take a plastic bag, I used an old Tesco one, cut off the handles and the bottom of the bag (1). Flatten it out, then fold it over in thirds from top to bottom and then in half sideways. This will give you 12 rectangles. Cut the edges off to make them nice and even.(2) (I cut mine in half again so I had 24 rectangles (3))

You will need 6 sheets per pompom. Stick some washi tape down each side of the rectangles and collect them together neatly (4). Then zigzag fold them (5) and tie in the middle. I cut a pretty round shape to the end, but it could have been pointed, or ‘V’ shaped – go wild! (6).

The last part is easy, just separate the layers to make it round. Tie or stick it onto your present. Simple.

Emma x

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Up-cycled coffee tins

The Handy Husband is a big lover of coffee, but not just any coffee, it has to be the right one… and his “right one” of the moment happens to come in very nice tins. Well these tins have been collecting in my utility room for a while just waiting for a project. So looking for inspiration here and here I took myself off to Hobbycraft for some spray paint.

up-cycled coffee tins

I began by washing the tins really well and making sure they were free from all grease. Then I stuck the little people on the top with superglue. (People kindly donated by my girlie). I used plasticote chrome effect silver spray for the lids and a matt white for the body of the tins. I really like the contrast between the matt and the super glossy silver. Of course Plasticote comes in a rainbow of colours and you could do any colour you like. They even have a primer – I didn’t use one – but it may be good in situations where your surface is more slippery.

coffee tins up-cycle how to

The only addition I think I will make to these is a little chalk board label to the front as you can’t see inside the tins, and at the moment only I know that Little Kitty holds earl grey tea!!!

Emma x

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Ruby Redfort t-shirts – oh yeah!

So my girlie and I are really into Ruby Redfort. She is a very cool undercover schoolgirl agent for Spectrum. Ruby is really good at cracking codes and has a very cool sense of style. For those of you not quite up to speed with children’s literature, Ruby Redfort is a fictional character made up from the Clarice Bean books – written by Lauren Child. Lauren Child also writes Charlie and Lola books for the littlies (and not so littlies – mom!). Anyway Ruby wears some very cool t-shirts and my girlie thought it would be fun to have some just like Ruby.


and this one…


So here is how I made them. I discovered this great stuff called freezer paper. Well you can get it in America no problem, but over in sunny UK, not so easy, but I did track it down in Hobbycraft.

So you cut out your template and iron the paper onto your fabric – no steam. The freezer paper is backed with a very thin coating of plastic that melts enough to stick it to your fabric, but not enough to mark it – Genius! Then paint over the stencil and let the paint dry. Peel off your stencil and voila! Follow the setting instructions for your paint, mine was iron for 5 mins. Easy peasy.

How to use freeze paper

Emma x

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Molly gave me a button

Molly Makes Buttons

I recently bought the 27th issue of Molly Makes and on the front were some very cute vintage buttons. Well, I just couldn’t let those sit there, so I made a bag…

Molly Makes Button Handbag

I used Amy Butler’s Madison Uptown pattern. The polka dot fabric is a matt oil cloth I bought when I went to Stanstead House show last weekend.

I also treated myself to a lovely new sewing machine. My old machine was great, but it was getting quite old…. My dad bought it for me when I was 16, and that was a LONG time ago! (So long I can’t quite bring myself to tell you exactly). Anyway, it was skipping stitches and not really doing what it should. I did quite a bit of research and had some very helpful advice from Claire-Louise Hardy who writes the thrifty stitcher blog. She uses the Janome 5018 sewing machine in her sewing school and highly recommended it, so I went online and bought one. I couldn’t be more pleased – thank you Claire-Louise for the advice.

janome 5018

Now the big question is…. what shall I make next?

Emma x

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Party Bags

My lovely girlie is going to be 10 in a couple of days and it is the most exciting thing in our week so far. Of course every birthday that has an 0 after it is BIG, but this one is the first time into double digits. She didn’t want a big party, just a few lovely friends to spend a nice day with. So we are going bowling, followed by a little bit of retail therapy (to spend some birthday money) and then out for dinner. We are all looking forward to it.

So, as she isn’t having many friends, I thought I would go all out on the party bags and make them a little bit special.


I got the idea of melting pony beads from the Artful Parent blog when Jean made sun catchers. She describes very nicely how to melt the beads and how easy it is, do check it out.

Here’s what I did.


Arrange the pony beads on silver foil on a flat baking tray. Then put them carefully into an oven at 225 C. There are a lot of fumes that come off, so open the windows wide!  Once they have melted let them cool and they will pop off the silver foil no problem. I can’t give you an exact time for melting, as some melt quicker than others, and if you like them flatter rather than rounder melt them for longer.

I hot glued the melted flowers onto some clips. I did have to roughen the ends with sandpaper so the hot glue would stick. Attached the smaller flowers to the ring Then it was fun to merchandise the hair clips and rings in a style that satisfied my love of all things neon. I got the very bright neon yellow ribbon in Selfridges a few months back and have had it in my ribbon box waiting for the right occasion. I also to used my lovely neon chalk pen.  Of course we had to add in some nail polish, hand cream and some Love Hearts (The perfect sweets in my estimation!)

Amy can’t wait to give them to her friends.

Emma x

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Shrinkle earings


Well I have a couple small obsessions at the moment…. neon and lace. Hmm, how can I combine these together (and not in a tacky underwear combo)? Well, I’ve been noticing lace earrings in the shops and in magazines, so wondered how I could make my own. No I didn’t learn lace making, far too long winded for my short attention span. Shrinkle paper! Simple.

So find a pattern, draw it on, cut it out and put in the oven. Don’t forget the hole to thread a jump ring through, and voila! New earrings and a couple of obsessions satisfied in one go. Don’t forget the Shrinkle paper shrinks about three times smaller. I made a Shrinkle ruler, shrunk it in the oven so I could accurately see how much bigger I had to make my initial design.



I also made these, because I’m going out to dinner tonight and am wearing a blue top. Needed some blue earrings to finnish off the outfit – of course!


Hope you have a good weekend.

Emma x

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Pom Pom Chicks


My girlie and I decided to make some more decorations for our Easter tree, (looking forward to putting it up towards the end of the week) and as everyone loves making pompoms we thought we would make some chicks.

I have a very clever newfangled thingy that makes pompoms in no time at all. I hear all you traditionalists saying “what about cardboard rings?” but really these are the bees knees. Try them and you will see that they are the way forward.


The pack came from Creativity Direct an online store with lots of lovely things. Here’s how below.


We added a few feathers, just pushed into the pompom and some Hamma bead eyes sewn into place and of course a little felt beaks. We think they look very cheery.

Emma x

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Paper Easter Egg Decorations


Easter is one of my favourite celebrations of the year. I’m not sure if it is the colours, the promise of nicer weather or just all the lovely chocolate Easter eggs! (There really is something about Easter egg chocolate that is better than any other – and I’m not really a chocolate fan!!!) This year we are having friends round for lunch on Sunday and an Easter egg hunt, so I have the perfect excuse to decorate the house again!

So after looking at one of my favourite blogs, Craft and Creativity, for inspiration my girlie and I decided to make these very simple eggs to hang on an Easter tree.  You can download a template from Craft and Creativity here.


  1. Cut out a template to draw round
  2. Choose lovely papers, double sided is best, but not necessary.
  3. Arrange them in a pretty order.
  4. Fold the top one in half as a guide and staple a couple of time along the centre line. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t in the middle.
  5. Fan out the egg shapes and thread a length of cotton thread through the top to hang the eggs from.

It really was a very simple project and super quick to do. The hardest part was choosing the papers! You will see in the first photo that I couldn’t resist adding a little bow to the top of the eggs.

More easter crafts coming up soon.

Emma x

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A Valentine Card


Because tomorrow is Valentine’s day I made this card for my wonderful Handy Husband! The idea came from and the lovely cards by Ruby Wren, and yes, we have been in love for that many days! (too gooey?) Just wait till you see the inside…

Emma x


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