All I need is roof over my head…

Well the guys on site have been busy this week, and have started putting the roof on which is just great! Sadly our architects drawings aren’t all that special and so there has been rather a lot of head scratching, measuring and adjusting. But “measure twice, cut once…`” I think is the saying, and so far “it’s all good”.


I have noticed that whenever we undertake large building projects, there is the “big, small” syndrome. What I mean by that is one day you visit site and have a look at things going on, and a sinking feeling takes over and it all the spaces look SO SMALL. The thought crosses your mind “How ever are we going to fit it all in..” Then something else is added and all of a sudden the spaces look big again. It’s always really noticeable when you dig foundations, they always look tiny, then the walls start going up and all of a sudden the spaces feel really big. Luckily it always works out pretty much as I imagine in the end.


I took this photo looking in from the gable end of the house, you can just see the tower in the background to the right. The Handy Husband is standing just inside the doorway to the front bedroom (the Girlie’s we think). It’s still really hard to get a good idea of the room sizes as the dormers aren’t in yet, (Big-Small) but we have extended the roof quite a bit and are only putting three bedrooms, one en-suite and a family bathroom up there, so there should be enough space.


And under the scaffolding the house looks positively playhouse sized!

Enough boring photos of roof timbers, let me show you what I have been doing in the garden. I have a little game for you, can you to spot the difference between the two photos below?



Oh wow, you are good at that game! If only gardening was as easy as using photoshop! This photo is the view from our french windows in the dining/kitchen area of the side of the garden. I want to plant a couple of frees that won’t grow too tall, but will screen the neighbours just a little bit. I thought it would be fun to play around with positioning of the trees to see how they could look eventually.

So, I would like a flowering cherry – Prunus ‘Kanzan’ (the pink one) and a Sorbus Aria Lutescens, that’s the greyish green one on the left. I would also like to add in a lilac tree/shrub (the purple one) as they have the just best smelling flowers and you can cut them to put in the house.

Other than that we have been busy digging up old paths, sowing seeds and putting up wigwams ready for sweet peas and french beans. Fingers crossed they come up.

gardenapril aprilgarden

I hope you all had a great weekend, what ever you were doing. (Running marathons, digging gardens, going on holiday…)

Emma x

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