hhandmeEarl Grey and Jasmine is my blog about me (Emma), my husband (the Handy Husband) and my girlie and our life style. Well, we built a house, we lived in it for a couple of years and then decided we were bored, so we bought a quirky wreck and are in the process of renovating it. “Extreme” renovation is a new challenge for us, as we built from scratch last time. The roof is coming off and we are reorganising the interior space to better suit our lifestyle. It’s a big project.

This isn’t the only things going on in our lives, we do other fun stuff too, and I will be letting you know about that too.

Why Earl Grey and Jasmine?

Well, there is nothing nicer than a cup of Earl Grey tea, especially in the afternoon and with friends. And one day I hope to have some jasmine growing in my garden, scenting the air with its sweet flowers.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog.

Emma x